NVedia graphic card

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I started going for an Animation course from Arena and so now I needed to work with some very high graphics and designing. My computer doesn’t provide working environment for such high graphic activities and so I had to add up an extra graphic card just for that. I bought and NVedia graphic card and had it installed in my Asus motherboard, I must say it is an very good product but a little expensive. Nvedia Graphic card cost me around Rs.2500 but it has made practicing my animation work very easy, before installing an graphic card whenever I tried working with them my computer mal functioned and I had to re-boot everything to work, almost everything stopped functioning and I knew it was because of the low graphic memory.

NVedia graphic card comes in with three years warranty so though costly it is very good and very helpful especially with animation .My nephew likes it for playing his games though because the graphic card gives life like picture which was not there before I installed the graphic card.

NVedia graphic card really gives some enhanced picture quality and a computer without a graphic quite is quite boring and mundane, if you really want to enjoy some life like animation and video quality install an NVedia graphic card.

Seagate 160 GB USB drive

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My computer just has a hard disk of 40 GB and these days 40 GB is nothing much, my music files almost accommodates all the 40 GB memory space and so I needed to increase my memory. Now the problem is that my computer is pretty old and doesn’t facilitate expansion of internal memory like it does these days so I had to buy an USB external hard drive and when it comes to buying hard disk I always trust Seagate hard drive only.

The Plug and Play 160 GB USB drive by Seagate is really very easy and comfortable to use, just plugging it in the USB port and the memory space is available for use. Being a portable and detachable I don’t require it to plug in to the computer always and use it only when I requite, actually I have stored all my music files and emptied the main memory space on my desktop and so I don’t need the external memory very often.

Not just my music I also keep a back of all my important files on the external hard disk drive so that even if my main memory is attacked by the virus I have a back up copy of the data in my Seagate drive. So now I don’t feel the pinch of low memory on my computer as the external USB drive by Seagate is as good as it can be.

Kinston all in one sim card reader

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If you find it hard storing you phone book or other details on your phone then Kinston all in one sim card reader is something you will love using. Just insert the sim card in to the device and plug in to the computer via a USB port and now you can copy, paste, modify and thing on you card from your computer. Kinston has been making innovative products and the all in one sim card reader is another great example of innovation, fairly priced at 6 dollars it sure is a great product especially for a person like me.

I own a mobile repairing service center and so daily 2-3 mobiles come up for repairs, now the contacts numbers and other information are quite important and while repairing the phone sometimes everything gets deleted so I always back up the sim card information in my desktop. It is a hectic process at times specially when a new company cell pops up for repair and I donā?Tt have the software installed in my desktop. So here is when Kinston all in one sim card reader comes in very handy, now I donā?Tt need any software to connect me to the sim memory and I just take the sim out pop it in to the sim reader and back up the memory easily without any problem. It is hassle free and takes just few minutes to complete the whole process.

Kinston all in one sim card reader is a great device and very cheap and affordable as well, it can prove handy to people with numerous sim cards and just one phone.

How to install RAM in a PC desktop

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How to install RAM in a PC desktop

Steps for RAM installation in a PC desktop

1. Unplug desktop, and all peripherals
2. Open desktop side door
-it may be a good idea to dust out the computer before RAM installation, just to
keep everything in good working order. Use compressed air in a can or a
compressor. Make sure not to get the fans running too fast when blowing them
out, as you may strip the bearings.
*There is usually either a latch around the back to open the side door, or a couple of screws.
3. Ground yourself
4. Take RAM out of anti-static bag
5. Push back the small little arms on the top and bottom of the RAM slot

6. Line up the pins
7. Insert the RAM and push down hard. It takes some force to get the RAM in, just
push it in until the arms click around the stick. Make sure that your pins are lined
up, though, and that you are not pushing it in the wrong direction.
8. Put side door back on, and plug in computer. Then boot it up, and check your
RAM amount (to do this go: Start-Control Panel-System) to verify that it is the
correct amount.

*You can find good, reliable RAM at www.crucial.com (it is a bit more pricy than newegg, but it is of high quality)

*Crucial has a tool that helps you identify what type of RAM your computer needs, and then shows you the maximum it can take. This took is very handy for the average user or even the professional. I highly recommend Crucial technology.

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RAM can speed up your computer- its true or a myth?

Many people are searching for different ideas for speeding up their computers. Ram has some how solved their confusion a bit. Many people wonder that ram is capable of speeding up the computer speed

The answer to their question is Yess, Ram is considered to be an element when you use the computer, ram also used during this process.

  • The amount of program you are processing depends upon the amount of ram you are using.

  • Internet programs like instant messenger or browser puts load on ram by the help of an executable file

  • RAM takes 5 megabytes to load large programs.

  • Dynamic link libraries which range from 20 to 30 megabytes are used by microprocessor

  • Most of the time, users open more than one application, this put a lot of load on Ram. If you use more Ram this will currently slower your computer speed.

If you want to increase your Ram speed then here are some steps you have to perform to get your computer’s speed on the top:

  • You first step is to find out how much Ram you have.

  • If you don’t have Ram status, then click right on my computer and then look for the properties. After choosing the general tab, you will find information about Ram.

  • Simple press both CNTRL and ALT along with delete to get the task manager.

  • After processing the tab, you will easily figure out the number of Ram used in your computer.

  • Calculate the amount of amount of Ram used and deduct it from the Ram left, in this way you get the exact idea about the amount of Ram you are using.

You can speed up your computer by adding Ram, in this way you will not have to buy a faster unit. Also try to buy internal hard drive for transferring and saving the important files that you may or may not use in future. Keep those files in your hard drive which are used by you on regular basis, so as to get the fast computer speed.

  • Spacing your hard drive is another way to speed up your computer.

  • Uninstalling all the unnecessary files from your computer to get the space for the current files.

  • Opening unnecessary programs and files and software is avoided.

  • If you area not having any budget to upgrade the Ram for better speed then apply certain techniques to get your job done cheaply.

I hope the above discussion will surely help you to use the Ram for increasing the computer speed. Enjoying computing, have a nice time.

source: www.dibugs.com

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How to troubleshoot your computers display issues

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How to troubleshoot your computers display issues

First go through all the usual possibilities in the display properties, check your resolution and color depth if you can log into windows normally.

The next thing you are going to want to try is last known good configuration. It does not always work but for the 1 out of every 100 it does it makes it worth trying. To get the option to do this just Tap F8 as your computer is starting.

If that does not work boot into safe mode that way you can attempt a system restore. Try restoring the computer to before any recent updates, software installations, or random problems started occurring.

Next try updating your graphics card driver on the Internet using safe mode with networking.

If your display is still not working then go back into the device manager and uninstall the graphics card driver. Reinstall the original driver that came with the device in case you are having a compatibility issue with the newest driver.

If you get nothing on your monitor screen at all so can not get into safe mode try another data cable. If the problem is still there use another monitor. If the problem is still there with the other monitor then you need to replace the graphics card. If you still see nothing then it is time for you to test other things as well such as the ram and motherboard.

If your computer beeps when you turn it on count the beeps. Then check your motherboard documentation to find out what the beep code means. These beeps usually indicate an error that can tell you which device is at fault.

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GPRS Vs 3G tecnology

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GPRS Vs 3G tecnology

GPRS Vs 3G Technology

General packet radio switching(GPRS) is a Mobile Data Service available to users of Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) and IS-136 mobile phones. General Packet Radio Service data transfer is typically charged per megabyte of transferred data, while data communication via traditional circuit switching is billed per minute of connection time, independent of whether the user has actually transferred data or has been in an idle state. GPRS can be used for services such as Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) access, Short Message Service (SMS), Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS), and for Internet communication services such as email and World Wide Web access.

GPRS is packet-switched, which means that multiple users share the same transmission channel, only transmitting when they have data to send. Thus the total available bandwidth can be immediately dedicated to those users who are actually sending at any given moment, providing higher use where users only send or receive data intermittently. Web browsing, receiving e-mails as they arrive and instant messaging are examples of uses that require intermittent data transfers, which benefit from sharing the available bandwidth.

Like GPRS, 3G is also a wireless communication service. 3G is an ITU specification for the third generation (analog cellular was the first generation, digital PCS the second) of mobile communications technology. 3G promises increased bandwidth, up to 384 Kbps when a device is stationary or moving at pedestrian speed, 128 Kbps in a car, and 2 Mbps in fixed applications. 3G will work over wireless air interfaces such as GSM, TDMA, and CDMA. It gives you ‘always-on’ continuous connection to the Internet via your Tablet PC or Notebook and Mobile.

  1. 3Gstands for third generation wireless, that’s nearly seven times as fast as a standard dial-up connection. You can enjoy your mobile online activities, at work or play, at faster speeds than ever before.3G allows for higher call volumes and supports multimedia data applications such as video and photograph.

Video calling facility is with 3G you can now actually see the person on the other side! As long as both people have a 3G phone you no longer have to imagine what they look like and you can see them face-to-face via your cell phone’s screen.

Obtaining information and news with 3G technology it is possible to access any site on the Internet by using your phone as a modem with your laptop. You can use your favorite search engines to find information on the weather, the daily news, stocks and shares, or practically any other information you require to ensure that you are continually on top of things.

If you have left your office and forgotten to send an important e-mail, you are now able to quickly and efficiently perform this function directly by using your cell phone.

The speed and quality of 3G really contributes to enhancing the quality of film over mobile devices. One is now able to view film trailers, reviews, and interviews, download ring tones, wall papers and enter competitions all by means of your cell phone.

With the incredible sound and video quality of your 3G phone you can view highlights from your favorite matches and you’ll always have access to the latest scores.

You can download songs, music videos and interviews, compose your own ring tone through your cell phone as requirement.

3G is an exciting new technology that is being incorporated into mobile devices across the globe. Users are now able to make person-to-person calls, download data and do a variety of other tasks they never imagined possible all via their 3G cell phones.

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